RNA Interference and Aging RNA interference (RNAi) is finding more and more uses as a post-transcriptional gene-silencer. The introduction of small pieces of double-stranded RNA into an active cell leads to the inactivation of the complementary mRNA strand. It thus is a useful tool to silence genes, as if the mRNA of the gene is sufficient inhibited, the genes protein products won't get made. It's an alternative to creating knock-out animals for experiments, wherein the DNA of a mouse would be genetically engineered so that it lacks a certain gene. The mechanism of mRNA is interesting and complex, as the interfering RNAi associates with endogenous enzyme complexes that subsequently degrade the mRNA.

RNAi has been used to increase lifespan in C. Elegans by inhibiting ubiquinone synthesis, and to create superoxide dismutase deficient drosophila models.