What is biogerontology? Biogerontology is the scientific investigation into how and why we age on the molecular level, the organismic level, evolutionary level, and all those in between. This discipline seeks to understand why underfed animals live longer (as they do with caloric restriction), how free radicals might take years off our lives, where telomeres come into play with aging cells and aging people, and why having offspring later in life increases lifespan over many generations. Understanding the biological basis of aging is the first step towards slowing the aging process down, and maybe someday reversing the process. Today we are making steady progress in extending the lifespan of animals using a variety of methods, and more likely than not are going to someday apply these same techniques to ourselves to increase the average and maxmimum lifespan of the human species. Biogerontology is the field which seeks to develop a biological understanding of the processes of aging, and is the field in which we will apply these findings to increase the length and vitality of our lives.